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Who: Rinoa
What: chasing about
When: Afternoon
Where: Besaid Island
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

Sun, surf, this was great! A far cry from the icy snow of the north. It wasn't that Rinoa was running away, but she'd gotten more than a little tired of being ignored in favor of work and then whatever had gone on at the top of the ski slope. So she'd decided to go somewhere warmer. And if he really wanted her, well he could just chase her down then! A good swim in a warm ocean sounded fantastic, but more than that; this was the area where spheres came from. And she'd needed to get more of those to expand her garment grid. Which was turning out to be pretty fun she had to say. Now that she'd gotten a few more, she was able to stop using the white mage so much, and now she had things like black mage and gunner that she would work on. Given her experience with projectile weapons, she was really having a good time with that one.

But practice time was over now, and after a quick jaunt over to the village to get some lunch and some relaxation it was time for her to head down to where she really wanted to be...the Beach! When she reached the shore, she found a group of villagers playing with a weird looking ball in the water. It looked like great fun but she didn't want to butt in on whatever they were doing, so she decided she'd watch them until they were done, then she'd do some swimming when she was sure she wouldn't be in the way.

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