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Who: Ventus and open
What: Curiosity/exploring the world...and crashing
Where: Balamb Garden
When: Around noon
Warnings: very confused and hungry keyblade wielder!

It had been some time since Ventus had made his way from Castle Oblivion in a daze. Frantically he had searched for both Aqua and Terra, and neither were about, replaced only with the Heartless and Nobodies. Some of the creatures had been quite a pain, leaving a few cuts on his clothing.

But it would take far more than that to stop him now. Those demonic entities were small fry compared to the threats Master Xehanort and Vanitas were.

The real problem now had gone with the clothes he wore, now a tad too big for him, and it showed easily. His hunger would prove the end of him as well if he did not eat anything soon. Already he could feel his mind slip, his vision grow darker by the second. The last thing in his sights was--

"Whoa!" he shouted, waking himself up and moving the board to the side, narrowly dodging the entrance with his arm smacking against the side. The blow had been absorbed by the armor, but the impact was far greater, causing him to spin out of control. He heard others gasp and shout in amazement as he passed by, but they were not important right now.

Finally he landed, or rather, skidded to a stop. His giant hover board  crashed in a smoldering heap, and his body flew briefly in the air. Crying out and flailing did no good, and he landed with a loud and hard crash onto the floor. Pain was great, but not nearly as bad as his pride right now.

Slowly, he staggered to his feet, shaking his head to rid himself of the constant ringing his helmet made within. He groaned, wobbling to the side and sighing. "Oww......"
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