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 Who: Kid; Open to those that live at the 7th Heaven
What: Slaying a Mark, getting some practice in.
Where: Billy's Chocobo Farm
When: noon
Rating: PG-13 for language and fighting

The Radical Dreamer yawned. "This is so friggin' boring..."

The sun may have been shining, but Kid was not. Her body no longer needed the aid of crutches thankfully, and she even regained a bit of confidence now realizing that waiting around and moping like a whiny brat wasn't getting her anywhere. However...that of course led to this problem: money.

The fact remained bills needed to be paid because of Lynx's intrusion, and being bedridden did not help boost business sales. No other job in Edge appealed to her, and so here she was, deciding to earn money the old fashioned way: by beating people and monsters up. This was technically better for business than just roaming into random houses and pillaging, but waiting for the target to show it's ugly mug was boring. She was a Radical Dreamer, a thief of legend! Now...

Sighing, she sat up, her eyes wandering from Chocobo to Chocobo. The rancher had warned her against being in the pen, but she did it anyway. If the mark was as predictable as she thought, it was bound to show up sooner or later. The thief merely needed patience to carry out this plan.

On the other hand....watching all of these Chocobos...they reminded her of Serge. He was supposed to take Namine's belongings and leave them in the Calm Lands. God forbid something actually did happen to him. The thought of it made her face pale. She shook her head. Serge wasn't like her. He stood a far better chance at defeating Lynx than anyone else in this entire planet! If there was anyone, he could--

The roar of a beast forced her head up, and before her stood her mark: the Chocobo Eater. In its hands held a Chocobo, and the beast licked its lips, ready for another meal to be had at last. Smirking, Kid chuckled to herself. Holding out her hand, three crimson daggers appeared. She got up, and threw them at her mark. They struck dead on, piercing the beast's flesh and forcing it to usher a pain-filled roar. The Chocobo saw its chance, kicking the beast in the face before fleeing with its brethren. The Eater wasn't pleased, and glared right back at Kid, punching its fists together

"Oi! You!" she shouted, whipping out the dagger from her belt. "You know it ain't nice to keep a lady waitin'! So get your arse on over here so I can kick it to the bloody moon!"

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Tifa had been silently stalking Kid. She felt it was too soon for her to be up and about. Even though she didn't need the aide of the crutches anymore. Besides, getting out of the work on the bar, was healthy. For a bit anyways. Tifa straightened her shirt, as Kid attacked the Chocobo Eater. When Tifa heard the daggers flying did she look up. Tifa's face slammed into her palm. Why did this NOT surprise her? Tifa leaned over the little picket fence to watch over Kid. Tifa knew Kid could handle herself, but when recovering, you could seriously push past your limits and not know it until it was too late. Tifa then pulled her gloves out of her back pocket, and tugged them on, just in case.


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