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Who: Rush, Serah, Lightning
What: Arriving in the future
Where: Aerith's Church
When: 6 P.M.
Rating: PG

The streets of the slums appeared peaceful at this time, unlike the rest of the city above. It was a quiet night for the citizens, with no monsters or soldiers claiming any turf as their own. Yet within the Church belonging to a certain flowergirl, lights had ignited within, gusts flowing through the windows. With no one around, no one could see the spectacular flashing from within.

Inside of the old church, a circle appeared above the pool of healing water, searing the room with a blinding flash. Lights dying down, a man fell from the sky, splashing in the mini-lake below, water splashing up and falling back down where it came.

After a few seconds, the young man shot back up, coughing as the water filled his lungs. Constantly, he gasped for air, holding onto his chest, his body still aching from the fall. His eyes were closed, eyes still in shock from the pain that had burned into them. Never had he been so blind, and moving in the water did not help too much; it was going to take a bit for the healing effects to finally kick in.

But there was one thing Rush knew: he knew he was alive!

"Irina!" he shouted, trying to find something to grab. "Emmy! David!? Where are you!?"
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