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Who: Kadaj, [Open]
When: Afternoon
Where: The Church
What: Kadaj attempts to begin gathering information
Rating: Who knows?

It was only a matter of time before Jenova cells reassembled themselves. The alien matter and the Life Stream acted like oil and water together – in other words, they could never truly be combined.

Kadaj, the Will of Sephiroth, somehow managed to escape the terrible fate that had awaited his former siblings. Perhaps Yazoo and Loz accomplished the same – and that was why the youngest remnant stood outside the city limits of the ruined metropolis once known as Midgar. He did not know how much time had passed since he last step foot on solid ground, but if his brothers were somewhere on the planet he was determined to find them. Once reunited, the brothers could come up with a brand new plan together, and give Mother back the planet she so rightfully deserved.

Without the protection of Loz and Yazoo the lonely remnant was vulnerable—yet he would never admit to it. For now he would air on the side of caution and wear what he believed to be a suitable disguise. He hated hiding – it was beneath him and surely embarrassing for Jenova. Nevertheless, it needed to be done.

Kadaj approached the damage dilapidated church. “This was the last time you spoke to me, Mother,” he mumbled nostalgically to himself with a genuine smile. This was also the place where he had failed her. Kadaj’s smile twisted into a bitter frown and he unceremoniously shoved open the door.

No need to waste time. He WOULD succeed with his second chance.
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