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Bi-Winning. You're welcome.

Who: Al-Cid Margrace and Quistis Trepe
What: Traveling to Garden to update Squall on this and that!
Where: Al-Cid's airship, Balamb Garden, Balamb Area.
When: After this thread (NSFW at times) which happened after the initial incident.
Interaction: Squall Leonhart, [OPEN]
Warnings: Dunno for sure, but it's Al-Cid, so I'm gonna tag this "D" for "Damn!", also, prolly at least PG-13.

Al-Cid had spent the next few days with Quistis flying low over the terrain, having Quistis pay attention to the readings his ship picked up of the aberrant Malboros, so that they would have an idea of the size and virulence of the outbreaks. The man wanted to stop a number of times and help communities, places overrun with the huge creatures, already too far gone to be saved, which obviously upset him. At times, he even seemed angry, though he never took it out on Quistis.. she'd be able to tell by the way his fingers danced over the controls, then gripped the pilot's chair. "Damn.." he would mutter from time to time, shaking his head. Al-Cid had traveled the world, how many places that he knew and loved would be ravaged by these Malboros? How many places would he be unable to help? What was the situation in his native Rozzaria? Through the days of travel, at a slow speed so as to get accurate readings and to allow Quistis to draw maps and charts, and to draft reports, Al-Cid was becoming more and more tense.

He wasn't a hero, though, he was an agent. It wasn't his job to leap in and save the day, and herein lay the worst part of his job, his life, for the man. He had to bypass these heavily infested areas, because he knew his talents would be put to better use delivering the information to those in a position to do something substantial would be able. If he knew the source, he could handle -that-, slipping into an area unseen and delivering swift and deadly justice was another talent of his, though he very rarely employed the black hand of death in his dealings. Al-Cid put up every night out of reach of monsters and the like, but it seemed only in the recent few hours as they had approached Garden that his mood had taken a turn for the dour. He still smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes, he still tried to be pleasant and charming for Quistis, but the woman had been around him for the past few days, and would more likely than not have notice his slip into a miasmic sort of funk, culminating in this charade of good humor.

He cut the engine's propulsion as they approached Garden, and skydocked several hundred feet from the large structure, lowering the ship to the ground, where it would hang suspended several feet from the ground by the power of the Skystone core in the engine. The shields for the cockpit snapped down slowly, and locked into place, and the constant thrum of the engine died out save for a very faint echo of it, the engine idling as it was wont to do when not in use. "Here we are.. Balamb Garden." his voice had a sort of guarded quality.. really, Al-Cid was a noble person, a decent and kind man, and having to leave people behind, places in danger, was really taking its toll on the Rozzarian aristocrat.

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