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Who: Namine
What: poking around
When: After the mess with the malboros
Where: the Festival
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

When she'd first arrived, following a cat like something out of Wonderland Namine had been determined to find her way back. But the longer she stayed, the less inclinded she was to returned to the confinement of Kairi's consiousness. And in fact, she wanted to see even more of the world. So with her all too typical impulsiveness the young blonde had hopped on an airship (for the first time, and what an adventure that had been!) and traveled to a place called Alexandria where they were having a huge party. There was so much to see there and she was thrilled to be doing things on her own. Things that she'd never had the chance to do before.

So...this is what it's like to be a...a person? She thought to herself as she wandered through the streets. She must have stopped at every booth she came across. And in the meantime, some children let her jump rope and taught her how to play card games with special collectable cards and at least one particularly nice vendor gave her some food and a drink without charging her. But the real excitement came when she found a booth selling several kinds of art tools and materials. It was glorious. And the lady selling them was all too happy to talk with her about techinques even though she couldn't afford anything there. Namine was surprised to find out that the tools were all enchanted and could be used by for the right person, they could be used for fighting as well as creating. it was all very interesting.

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