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Who: Rinoa
What: Still out in the world
When: midday
Where: Balamb
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

Besaid had been crazy with monsters! But it had been nice to see Selphie again even if it was only for a brief time. Then she'd met someone else who was helping clear out the crazy Malboros. The woman had seemed like she'd been forged on the field of battle and while she was cold at first Rinoa stuck around to help and ended up learning a lot about fighting. Because of that she was now more skilled than ever with the Gunner dressphere she'd been using, and had gained quite a bit of experience with the new Warrior dressphere she'd picked up as well. Even her basic outfit got an upgrade thanks to a lucky find at the Besaid market. After the battles were over, her new friend had been picked up and she'd been lucky enough to catch a ride with her.

They had finally parted ways when she'd asked to be dropped off in the town of Balamb. Seeing the calm peaceful town brought back a flood of memories. And a warm, nostalgic feeling washed over her as she meandered through the streets. Looking around it was as though time had stood still in this place. Somehow she'd grown but Balamb was just as quaint as ever. But that was fine. Rinoa would change a thing and even if she could the last thing she wanted was for this to become another Galbadia. The thought of which only served to remind her that she hadn't contacted her Father at all since she'd run away. He was probably still mad as heck and she wouldn't be surprised to run into some soldier or another that he'd sent off to find her. Oh how she hated to have that kind of imaginary scenario looming over her, spoiling her day.

Now feeling fidgety, the young woman hastily ran a hand through her long brunette hair and then suddenly perked up, almost as though a lightbulb had gone off in her head. With rushed excitement she made her way to the nearest palce she could think of, knocking on the door. She was greeted thankfully with the warm smile and kind demeanor of Mrs. Dincht, who let her in right away and listened patiently while she explained what she wanted and why she was there. It was only moments later that the woman smiled in agreement and fetched a pair of scissors.

"I've worn my hair this way for too long anyway". Rinoa said mostly to herself as she moved her hair aside so a towel could be draped around her neck and shoulders.

30 minutes passed, and as the towel came off Rinoa ran her fingers lightly over the back of her head. She couldn't help but stare down at the discarded locks of hair lying on the tiled floor of Mrs. Dincht's kitchen. Watching the woman sweep them away with her broom was almost like watching part of her personality being discarded as well. The quivering, uncertain part that so long ago had made her feel as though all her companions were moving so fast, and she had always been desparately trying to catch up.

Rinoa left the womans house with a hug and a smile and now with a lighter, happier feeling she bounced back out into the town to see what else she could do before she made her way out to see if the Garden was docked and find out what everyone there was up to.

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