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Who: Lightning
What: A change of clothes?
When: Midday
Where: Rabanastre
Intereactions: Open
Warnings: None

After spending a few severely out of place days here in the city, Lightning had finally given up. It was just too hard to move freely when she stood out like a sore thumb, getting looks from everyone she passed. Passing the many inventory filled booths the pink haired warrior finally settled on one that belonged to a blacksmith. And an extremely skilled one by the looks of the ornate yet high quality armor he had for sale in his shop. He was a portly but well muscled reptilian fellow, with a shrewd eye and sharp teeth. And his manner matched his looks in every way. Lightning spent a good deal of time haggling with the man before they finally reached an agreeable price for the suit.

All was for the best however, as she was now able to walk more easily among the people of the city. Her old clothes were tucked away in a drawer at the inn she was staying at. Still, it wasn't all smooth sailing yet. Lightning couldn't recall ever having worn something this heavy before. Even though the armor was super light for it's kind it was still more weighted than the tough but flexible cloth she was accostomed to. She wasn't displeased with the look though and soon she was growing more used to the weight of the metal on her shoulders and upper body. Now to do some exploring. She'd heard Snow talking about this place when she'd seen him back at the festival and it had certainly made her curious. There were some amazing nations on Pulse. More than Lightning could ever have imagined. And it was nice to have the freedom to search them out and explore them on her own.


Well, with some help anyway. Though he was out of sight for now. Taking care of his own business no doubt.
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