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Who: Namine
What: Napping
When: Afternoon
Where: Outside Balamb
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

The sun was shining on the sea,
Shining with all his might:
He did his very best to make
The billows smooth and bright--
And this was odd, because it was
The middle of the night.

With a start, Namine's eyes blinked open as a stray beam of light struck her face. She wasn't sure when exactly she'd fallen asleep. But it had been a nice little nap. She was nestled inbetween the roots of a tree in a tiny little copse outside of Balamb. Originally having set out to practice with the brushes and paints she'd gotten in town, the warm splotchy light from between the tree canopy and the sounds of little creatures and birds had lulled her off into a daydream which had turned into a full-on nap. Now though the sun had risen high in the sky and it's seeming pinpoint accuracy had caused her to way up with a beam of light in her eyes.

Scooting into a better position, Namine pushed some blonde hair out of her eyes and turned her attention down to her little sketchbook. What had she been doing before she fell asleep? The image was a little smudge, but there was definitely something there. Something...green? With a red splotch on it's forhead. She furrowed her brow looking at it and sighed. The brushes were much more difficult than her oil pastels had been. The young lady was looking at the set, wondering which brush she should use to try and improve this...whatever it was, when she noticed one that seemed not to belong to the set. It was a beautiful brush, with fine bristles. The handle seemed to be carved from a solid piece of bone or ivory and was ingraved. The engravings had been inlayed with silver and it all looked very expensive. Truly a curiosity for her.

Interested, she picked it up and began trying to improve upon what had already been laid out. The level of control and ease with which the brush moved was truly startling, but not as much as the speed. It was almost like the brush was moving her hand for her and before she knew it, Namine had on the paper an image of what looked like a green rabbit with some kind of red growth on it's head. She shook her head. What was all this about? The girl furrowed her brow but couldn't make any sense of it, so she shrugged it off and put her things away in a little shoulder bad, getting to her feet.

It was a short treck back to the town, but rather than head straight there, Namine detoured. She walked down to the beach and watched the little crabs skitter away from her. She kicked her shoes off and felt the sand between her toes as she clutched her back and sketchbook and stared out at the place where the sky met the sea and they seemed to become one thing. Is that what would happen if she met Kairi again? Would she become one and lose herself forever? The thought made her shudder inside and she shook her head, tearing her eyes away from the horizon and looked down at the sand.

"What...what am I doing here anyway?"

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