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Who: Aerith
What: Tending to things
Where: The ruined church
When: Morningtime
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

So it's agreed, we will atone together.

Opening her vivid green eyes, the smell of water and flowers filling her nose and lungs. Slowly she pushed herself into sitting up and sighed, shaking her head. How could things have gone so badly? She couldn't even remember what happened after abandoning the scene at the crater. As though her body had been on autopilot, she tried to recall and could only get a blurred, water picture of herself nodding as she was dropped off, and spending...however long it had been, seemingly lying there half asleep. She hadn't even contacted her friends.

But there was something there. Nagging at the back of her mind. And then she remembered, she'd become very very sick after the freezing cold of the northern crater. Something happened to her while she was lying here, suffering from a horrible fever. That was all she could recall though, and she seemed to have regained her health now. So the auburn haired woman got to her feet and brushed some of the pollen off of her green dress. She picked up her meager possessions and gingerly she made her way out of the church and onto the streets as the early light cast everything in a gentle golden glow.

She loved the light and air of the mornings. It made everything feel fresh and new. And it held in it the promise of a new day.

A new day where Aerith realized she was suddenly very very hungry. Another problem with that missing chunk of time; She had no way of knowing when the last time she had a meal was. So the course was set. It would be down to the nearest diner for breakfast and a little bit of reconnisance. After all, someone there had to know what was going on in the world.

Then maybe later...she'd make a phone call...

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