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Who: Riku, Open
When: Night
Where: Destiny Islands, on his island
What: Thinking
Warnings: TBA

Riku had been getting itchy feet for some time. )
[identity profile] crystalstiletto.livejournal.com
Who: Glenn, Garnet
What: Revelation
When: Sometime after this thread.
Where: Glenn's airship
Rating: G

Goodbye is never easy, but hello is always hard. )
[identity profile] radiant-purity.livejournal.com
Who: Sora
What: Sitting on the dock of the beach
When: A week or two after finding himself back home
Where: Destiny Islands
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

Watching the tide roll away. )
[identity profile] tenjou-kaguya.livejournal.com
Who: Kaguya, open
What: Monster killing
When: close to evening
Where: Djose-Moonflow area
Rating: G?

Sing a traveling song, any song you know! )
[identity profile] zephyrs-aria.livejournal.com
Who: Rachel
What: Stopping for a break
When: After leaving Figaro Castle
Where: Alexandria
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

When you don't know where you're going, any place is a good rest stop )
[identity profile] sergerp.livejournal.com
Who: Serge, Grobyc, Vanitas, Maria, Loz, Xion, and CLOSED
Where: Calm Lands
What: Battle Royal
When: during the villain event
Rating: PG-13 for blood, swearing, and death

"Your life shall come to an end...Once and for all!" )
[identity profile] theftofhearts.livejournal.com
Who: Al-Cid Margrace
What: Vacation time in Rabanastre
Where: Rabanastre!
When: Right now!
Interaction: Penelo, Open
Warnings: It's Al-Cid, so, warning for a distracting amount of DAY-UM.

And it is a woman who so shines in my eyes as to require these smoked glasses. )
[identity profile] wantstobeahero.livejournal.com
Who: Denzel, Open to all
When: Afternoon
Where: Edge – 7th Heaven Bar
What: Working hard
Warnings: TBA

Denzel had rounded up a team of workers to help repair the damage to the bar. )
[identity profile] fake-keyblade.livejournal.com
Who: Xion, Open
What: Late night thinking
When: 10pm
Where: Aeris' church in The Slums
Rating: TBA

I won't break. I'm a doll made of diamond and tempered steel. )
[identity profile] airshipjockey.livejournal.com
Who: Balthier Bunansa
What: Exploring, lookin' for treasure, and generally being an awesome pirate~!
Where: Bikanel Island
When: Right now, suckers!
Interaction: Fran please! Anyone else, I guess, if you wanna be pirated!
Warnings: Well, it's Balthier, so we'll see.

How many must fall, before you realize that I do this for you? )
[identity profile] kid-cc.livejournal.com

Who: Kid, Denzel, Lynx, and those in Cloud's group returning to the 7th Heaven (only after Lynx has left though; Lynx is gone now. Bring on Cloud's group up to bat!)
Where: Edge; 7th Heaven
What: Surviving against Dark Serge
When: 11 PM; hour before Lynx rounds up the villains and watches the fight with Serge and Loz on the other side of the planet (hence why it is day over in the Calm Lands)
Rating: R (massive violence and some foul language, just to be safe. No rape or anything. Really, only Kid and possibly Lynx will be harmed, and the bar too.)

(ooc: Due to personal problems involving certain matters, I may not be able to update this too quickly. This goes for the other 3 threads I am in as well, though they are going pretty slow anyway.)

Let Love Bleed )
[identity profile] raidou-kashima.livejournal.com
 Who: Raidou Kuzunoha, Red XIII (if he wishes to join); OPEN
Where: Macalania Temple
What: Waking up and ready to obtain Shiva
When: 2 PM, a day after arriving there
Rating: PG

(OOC: Lame title is lame. U_U)

Episode 3: Cold Shoulder! )
[identity profile] assassin-shadow.livejournal.com
Who: Shadow, Garnet, Anyone else in Alexandria Castle at 3:30 am
What: Doing what ninja assassins do best.
When: 3:30 am, a few days after the Festival of the Hunt
Where: Alexandria Castle.
Rating/Warnings: This thread has not yet been rated.

She passed away in her dreaming. )
[identity profile] not-thanatos.livejournal.com

Who: A strange fellow and well open to whomever?
Where: Twilight Town?
What: (Just my first roleplay here.) Drinking on the job.
When: Just before closing time.
Rating: PG-13, swearing, drinking. I doubt it will get any higher than that.


Meet the professional slacker )

[OOC note: Hello I am new, nopt onlt to the community but to LJ. I'm reallysorry if I mess anything up. I know I have a hard time figuring out the LJ cut thing. If I made any mistakes, please let me know and I'll fix them. x_x;]

[identity profile] listless-angel.livejournal.com
Who: Shcala and Magus
What: Leaving
When: Around 2am
Where: Magus' Castle
Warnings: Tears, talking, some nudity.

I wish to travel, far away from here. )
[identity profile] takeoffmyhead.livejournal.com

Who: Quistis and Blank
What: Payment for the performance.
When: Day after the show.
Where: Balamb
Warnings: None yet!

Time to Pay the Actors )
[identity profile] forgivensoldier.livejournal.com
Who: Cloud, Lightning, Kadaj, Aerith
What: Rescuing Aerith from Northern Base
When: Continuing this.
Where: Northern Crater
Warnings: Could get nasty.

We now return you to our thread already in progress. )
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Who: Lynx; open to all villains EXCEPT Loz, Grobyc, Vanitas, any Organization XIII members, and any Lavoids, including Magus.
What: watching a fight, hanging out, possible betrayal maybe?
Where: Deep Sea Research Center; underground in Lynx's newish pad
When: A few minutes before the Team Serge vs Team Lox fight will begin.
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and possible blood in case of betrayal, and someone in the thread connecting to this one will die.

(OOC: It may take some time to finish the other thread connecting to this one, so feel free to mingle with your fellow villains before the fight begins. ^_^)

It was time to weed out the traitors of their little club...And show what would happen to them! )
[identity profile] kid-cc.livejournal.com
Who: Kid, Denzel, and open to any who feel like having Kid's wrath thrown onto them
What: Drowning out sorrows, recovering and maybe even training
Where: Edge; 7th Heaven
When: a few days after the Xion incident, minutes before Lynx's villain get-together.
Rating: PG-13; maybe higher if provoked to higher levels of violence
Warnings: Cursing, drinking, and maybe even a little violence (or a lot if you really piss her off, excluding Denzel, Tifa, and Cloud)

(OOC: I have returned! XD)

And that, no matter what drink that trailed down her throat to rid her emotions, forced a tear and a sniffle down Kid’s face. )


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