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Who: Cloud, Lightning, Kadaj, Aerith
What: Rescuing Aerith from Northern Base
When: Continuing this.
Where: Northern Crater
Warnings: Could get nasty.

We now return you to our thread already in progress. )
[identity profile] dark-platinum.livejournal.com
Who: Aerith, Kadaj
What: Having a chat
When: Later after she's kidnapped
Where: Seph's Northern Crater Base
Rating: PG

You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be. )
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Who: Aerith and Sephiroth! :O
What: Kidnapping (Official passtime of crazy Ex-Soldiers)
When: Evening
Where: Midgar
Warniings: Lots of postulating and banter ahead >D

In which Sephiroth learns that no one he kills ever stays dead )
[identity profile] fayths-angel.livejournal.com
Who: Aerith
What: visiting
When: After meeting Roxas and Xion
Where: 7th Heaven
Interactions: Open
Warnings: None

In which Aerith pays a visit )

AIMness <3

Mar. 15th, 2010 01:01 am
[identity profile] fayths-angel.livejournal.com
Who: Aerith and Cloud
What: runing into each other
When: The day before Aerith meets Roxas and Xion
Where: At the church
Warnings: None

I'll be seeing you, In all the old familiar places... )
[identity profile] xiv-obsession.livejournal.com

Who: Xion, Roxas, Aeris/Aerith, Open?
What: Sitting in the church, thinking, then running around The Slums 
Where: Sector 5 Church
When: Night, 3 A.M.
Rating: TBA

Non-existant hearts can't be broken. )

[identity profile] fayths-angel.livejournal.com
Who: Aerith
What: Being
When: evening
Where: The wrecked church (where else? :D)
Interactions: Open
Warnings: Brief Nudity.

The endless blue )
[identity profile] radiantxsmile.livejournal.com
Who: Aerith and open
When: Afternoon
Where: Between the boundaries of Midgar and Edge
What: Selling her flowers.
Rating: TBA

I just need to keep on selling~ )
[identity profile] wantstobeahero.livejournal.com
Who: Denzel, Open
When: Mid-afternoon
Where: Edge
What: Thinking
Rating: TBA

Denzel sat outside the 7th Heaven bar in Edge. )
[identity profile] pink-aerith.livejournal.com
Who: Aerith Gainsborough and Cloud Strife
What: Another reunion at the church.
Where: Midgar slums at the church.
When: Early Afternoon
Rating: TBA

I wish I had some help with these.... )
[identity profile] pink-aerith.livejournal.com
Who: Aerith Gainsborough, Cid Highwind, and Vincent Valentine
What: A reunion between friends.
Where: Midgar
When: Late Afternoon
Rating: TBA

Wonder what the rest of AVALANCHE are up to? )


Sep. 21st, 2009 07:42 am
[identity profile] hopeofpulse.livejournal.com
Who: Hope and OPEN to anyone in Midgar.
What: Hope's a brat, but he cares.
Where: Midgar.
When: Late morning.
Rating: PG for now.

Kids these days've got no respect. )
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Who: Mickey Mouse; King of the Heartless~!
What: Endgame.
Where: All of Gaia. Squall and Sora are personally invited to the otherwise inaccessible Kingdom Hearts.
When: Right the heck now~!
Interaction: EVERYONE!

Warnings: Come, all ye would-be heroes, but despair, for here be Dragons, and none shall escape their wrath.

The Endtimes are upon us, and the world quivers like a leaf on the wind. )

*Now is a pretty good time, if anyone wanted, to die. There are gazillions of Heartless rampaging at Mickey's command. Unless you're Balthier, Fran, Krja, their unborn son, Squall, or Sora, you're probably in terrible danger. Have fun and kill some Heartless, every little bit matters~!
[identity profile] esperprincess.livejournal.com
Who: Terra Branford, and anyone else she comes across
What: The half-esper arrives in Midgar
When: Today :D
Where: Midgar's slums
Rating: G

I never thought there were other cities like this. )
[identity profile] pink-aerith.livejournal.com
Who: Aerith Gainsborough [OPEN to all characters~ <3]
What: Selling her flowers.
Where: At one of the alleyways in Edge.
When: Early Evening.
Rating: PG-13 [Just to be on the safe side]

A sucessful day? )


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