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Who: Cloud, Lightning, Kadaj, Aerith
What: Rescuing Aerith from Northern Base
When: Continuing this.
Where: Northern Crater
Warnings: Could get nasty.

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AIMness <3

Mar. 15th, 2010 01:01 am
[identity profile] fayths-angel.livejournal.com
Who: Aerith and Cloud
What: runing into each other
When: The day before Aerith meets Roxas and Xion
Where: At the church
Warnings: None

I'll be seeing you, In all the old familiar places... )
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Who: Anyone who lives at 7th Heaven
What: Looking for a Place to Stay
Where: Edge
When: During Opening Hours
Rating: PG

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[identity profile] forgivensoldier.livejournal.com
Who: Cloud, Denzel, Anyone else living at 7th Heaven
What: Finally getting home
Where: Edge
When: During closed hours
Rating: PG

I'll be there. I promise. )
[identity profile] leatheredlion.livejournal.com
Who: Cloud & Squall
When: Late afternoon
Where: Balamb Garden
What: Talking
Rating: PG

Okay, last package. )
[identity profile] wantstobeahero.livejournal.com
Who: Denzel, Open
When: Mid-afternoon
Where: Edge
What: Thinking
Rating: TBA

Denzel sat outside the 7th Heaven bar in Edge. )
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Who: Cloud (Open to all.)
What: Fighting
Where: Outside Midgar
When: Mid-Afternoonish?
Warning: Violence?



Wanted dead, or alive. )


[identity profile] chaos-v.livejournal.com
Who: Vincent Valentine
What: While putting away groceries with Tifa, Vincent suddenly begins to feel a very familiar presence; Cloud Strife.
Where: Seventh Heaven, Midgar
When: Afternoon, before the bar opens.
Interactions: Tifa Lockheart, Cloud Strife
Warnings: PG. Will update if rating gets higher.

You've been the only thing that's right in a lifetime. )
[identity profile] leatheredlion.livejournal.com
Who: Squall
What: Squall tries to process what just happened
Where: Balamb Garden
When: After the fight with the Heartless
Interaction: Open
Warnings: TBA

Sometimes even commanders break down )
[identity profile] sightless-enyo.livejournal.com
Who: Cloud / Enyo / Open
What: A Chance Meeting
When: Night
Where: Midgar
Warnings: ?

My Wings Must've Burned Up Before Impact )
[identity profile] eternal-strife.livejournal.com
Who: Cloud
Where: Midgar
What: Drinking memories away
Warnings: Who knows? Assume the worst
When: Late evening


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