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Who: Kadaj, [Open]
When: Afternoon
Where: The Church
What: Kadaj attempts to begin gathering information
Rating: Who knows?

Willpower Will Always Remain )
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Who: Denzel, Open to all
When: Afternoon
Where: Edge – 7th Heaven Bar
What: Working hard
Warnings: TBA

Denzel had rounded up a team of workers to help repair the damage to the bar. )
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Who: Kid, Denzel, Lynx, and those in Cloud's group returning to the 7th Heaven (only after Lynx has left though; Lynx is gone now. Bring on Cloud's group up to bat!)
Where: Edge; 7th Heaven
What: Surviving against Dark Serge
When: 11 PM; hour before Lynx rounds up the villains and watches the fight with Serge and Loz on the other side of the planet (hence why it is day over in the Calm Lands)
Rating: R (massive violence and some foul language, just to be safe. No rape or anything. Really, only Kid and possibly Lynx will be harmed, and the bar too.)

(ooc: Due to personal problems involving certain matters, I may not be able to update this too quickly. This goes for the other 3 threads I am in as well, though they are going pretty slow anyway.)

Let Love Bleed )
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Who: Kid, Denzel, and open to any who feel like having Kid's wrath thrown onto them
What: Drowning out sorrows, recovering and maybe even training
Where: Edge; 7th Heaven
When: a few days after the Xion incident, minutes before Lynx's villain get-together.
Rating: PG-13; maybe higher if provoked to higher levels of violence
Warnings: Cursing, drinking, and maybe even a little violence (or a lot if you really piss her off, excluding Denzel, Tifa, and Cloud)

(OOC: I have returned! XD)

And that, no matter what drink that trailed down her throat to rid her emotions, forced a tear and a sniffle down Kid’s face. )
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Who: Denzel, [OPEN]
What: Finding a very special moogle
Where: Midgar – The Church
When: Daytime
Rating: G

Denzel had been exploring out in the Midgar Ruins )
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 Who: Kid, Red, Denzel, Namine
What: Welcoming Namine
Where: Edge; 7th Heaven
When: After Sazh leaves the bar.
Rating: G-PG

OOC: I am still very busy and may not respond early, but I want to keep the plot bunnies hopping! ^_^

So bored.... )
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Who: Anyone who lives at 7th Heaven
What: Looking for a Place to Stay
Where: Edge
When: During Opening Hours
Rating: PG

Read more... )
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Who: Cloud, Denzel, Anyone else living at 7th Heaven
What: Finally getting home
Where: Edge
When: During closed hours
Rating: PG

I'll be there. I promise. )
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Who: Denzel, Open
When: Late afternoon
Where: Midgar
What: Thinking
Rating: TBA

It worried him. )
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 Who: Serge, Kid, Denzel (hopefully); OPEN
What: Setting up new home, discussing stuff...
Where: 7th Heaven in Edge
When: Morning after Tifa is abducted
Rating: PG

The drink near Kid’s side appeared tempting all of a sudden… )
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Who: Denzel, Open
When: Mid-afternoon
Where: Edge
What: Thinking
Rating: TBA

Denzel sat outside the 7th Heaven bar in Edge. )


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