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Who: Selphie and Irvine
When: Late morning.
Where: Selphie's Room.
Rating: TBA

Selphie playing nurse. )
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Who: Irvine, Selphie, Quistis
Where: Garden, Irvine's room
What: Irvine can't take it anymore
Warnings: Suicide Attempt - Be Advised and Warned that this is sensitive, and anyone that has issues with such thoughts should not read the post itself.

Life is short, but this time it was bigger than the strength he had to get up off his knees... )
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Who: Irvine & Quistis (open as well)
What: Irvine's gotten bad since Selphie was pronounced dead
Where: Garden, infirmary
Warnings: Self Harm, profanities, suicidal thoughts. Be advised.

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Who: Quistis (and anyone who might happen along)
What: CONCERN and busy about Garden
Where: Balamb
When: Early evening.
Rating: TBA

feeling like a bit of a headless chicken )
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Who: Open to all
When: 3rd-5th April
Where: Luca
What: Festival of Fertility – The celebration of Ylva and Lothcar the Goddess and God of Lust.
Rating: TBA

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Who: Irvine & Selphie
What: Ooooh Irvy's not happy!
Where: Balamb Town
Warnings: Irvy's got a mouth on him. A-yup!

he finally decided it was time to go hunt the yellow princess down ... )
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Who : Irvine and Selphie
When: After the Valentine's party
Where : Selphie's dorm room
What: *ahem!*
Warnings: Uhh ... I'd say NC-17 to R because they're about to get into some stuff ayup.

It was bound to happen... )
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Who: Irvine. [ Squall, Selphie or anyone else are encouraged to hop in!]
What: Just getting back from a mission
Where:  Balamb Garden.
Warnings: None yet, but it's Irvine - it's bound to go south. XD
... leaving him away from every venue that would have a full bar )
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Who: Irvine and Seifer
What: Male bonding
Where: Balamb
When: Evening onwards
Rating: Eventually NC-17

Been to any rodeos lately, Kinneas? )
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Who: Mickey Mouse; King of the Heartless~!
What: Endgame.
Where: All of Gaia. Squall and Sora are personally invited to the otherwise inaccessible Kingdom Hearts.
When: Right the heck now~!
Interaction: EVERYONE!

Warnings: Come, all ye would-be heroes, but despair, for here be Dragons, and none shall escape their wrath.

The Endtimes are upon us, and the world quivers like a leaf on the wind. )

*Now is a pretty good time, if anyone wanted, to die. There are gazillions of Heartless rampaging at Mickey's command. Unless you're Balthier, Fran, Krja, their unborn son, Squall, or Sora, you're probably in terrible danger. Have fun and kill some Heartless, every little bit matters~!
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Who: Irvine and Balthier
What: Indiscriminate drunken sex
Where: A bar then a hotel in Balamb
When: Late at night
Rating: NC-17

You always take up to luring cowboys along with promises of adventure? )
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Who: Squall, Balthier, Irvine, Zell, Sora and SeeDs
What: Squall's Bachelor Party
Where: Balamb Hotel
When: Evening
Rating: TBA

Couldn't have you shipping off to the land of the old married ones without a proper send off. )
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Who -- Irvine & Selphie
What -- Running into one another?
Where -- Balamb Garden
Warnings -- Dunno yet ... we'll see! XD

He could almost pass as a respectable man. almost.  )

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Who: irvine & [OPEN]
What: Getting fixed and roaming the halls of garden
when: After his return and discussion with squall
Warnings: None yet.

I can fix it ... it is going to hurt )
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Who: Irvine & Squall
What: Irvine's return from the battlefield
Where: Squall's Office
Warnings: None.

Casualties from the front lines )
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WHO: Selphie and Irvine
WHAT: First meeting after assorted awkwardness
WHEN: Right freaking now
WHERE: Irvine's room

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Who: Irvine -&- Leblanc
Where: Balamb Garden to Town
What: Going on a Date
When: Early Evening
Warnings: Raging hormones? I have no idea.
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WHO: LeBlanc, Selphie, & Irivine!
WHAT: Chit chat, girly stuff!
WHEN: Late Afternoon
WHERE: Balamb [central gate area]

Disappointment, is something you get used to. )
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Who: LeBlanc, Irvine, Open
When: Afternoon.
Where: Training Center/Cafeteria [ Balamb Garden ]
What: Lunchtime =)
Rating: To be announced

I hate this place. )


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