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Who: Shadow, Open
What: Following up leads on info about the Heartless
When: Late afternoon
Where: Edge, 7th Heaven
Rating: PG

But I kind of like the music~ )
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Who: Maiyah, Bevelle soldiers, Auron, Braska, Jecht and OPEN.
Where: From Luca to the Calm Lands
What: Chase, beat-down, Maiyah fights for her freedom as a fugitive
When: Extended period of time
Status: Open; Continuous

Wanted, Dead or Alive. )
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Who: Braska and OPEN
What: Enjoying the time after the attractions close.
Where: The Calm Lands
When: Just before sunset
Rating: PG

Well... this is unexpected. )
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Who: Mickey Mouse; King of the Heartless~!
What: Endgame.
Where: All of Gaia. Squall and Sora are personally invited to the otherwise inaccessible Kingdom Hearts.
When: Right the heck now~!
Interaction: EVERYONE!

Warnings: Come, all ye would-be heroes, but despair, for here be Dragons, and none shall escape their wrath.

The Endtimes are upon us, and the world quivers like a leaf on the wind. )

*Now is a pretty good time, if anyone wanted, to die. There are gazillions of Heartless rampaging at Mickey's command. Unless you're Balthier, Fran, Krja, their unborn son, Squall, or Sora, you're probably in terrible danger. Have fun and kill some Heartless, every little bit matters~!
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Who: Braska and Jecht
What: Arguing and Jecht gets handsy
Where: Bevelle
When: Evening
Rating: NC-17

You are my Final Aeon. You're not allowed to leave until I say so. )
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Who: Auron, Braska and Jecht
What: Meeting again after thirteen years
Where: The Calm Lands
When: Morning
Rating: PG-13 for Jecht's mouth. -_-;
Note: This goes before Maiyah's post. We're just so lame we didn't post it. <.<

It must be... Thirteen years now, I believe. )
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Who: Jecht, Auron
What: Uhm... er.... yeah... *whistles*
Where: Lindblum
When: Evening
Rating: Pretty sure its gonna be mature :P

Ready to call it a day... but what about the night? )
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WHO: Jecht, and hopefully Auron :3
WHAT: A moment's break after working hard!
WHEN: Early evening
WHERE: The Calm Lands
WARNINGS: Uhm... I dunno yet. Ask Auron :P

Heh... what could be better really eh? )
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Who: Jecht
When: Afternoonish
Where: Besaid
What: Contemplating
Rating: No idea...
Interaction: Auron and Braska hopefully? o.o

Thats just the way I am and yet... )


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