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Who: Lynx; open to all villains EXCEPT Loz, Grobyc, Vanitas, any Organization XIII members, and any Lavoids, including Magus.
What: watching a fight, hanging out, possible betrayal maybe?
Where: Deep Sea Research Center; underground in Lynx's newish pad
When: A few minutes before the Team Serge vs Team Lox fight will begin.
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and possible blood in case of betrayal, and someone in the thread connecting to this one will die.

(OOC: It may take some time to finish the other thread connecting to this one, so feel free to mingle with your fellow villains before the fight begins. ^_^)

It was time to weed out the traitors of their little club...And show what would happen to them! )
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Who: Kuja, Sephiroth, Xehanort, Vanitas, Kefka, Magus, and one extraordinarily confused black mage.
What: New evil lair of doom and death! Wholesome! Shiny! Safe!
Where: The Outer Continent
Warnings: Evil lair may not actually be wholesome or safe.

It's just like the Sims, only without drag-and-drop walls! )
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Who:  Kefka, Sephiroth
What:  Finishing this Rivarly
When:  After Sephiroth's fun with Xion
Where:  The Figaro Desert
Rating:  PG-13

Read more... )
[identity profile] black-masamune.livejournal.com
Who: Sephiroth, Xion, and whichever villains want to pop in.
Where: Sephiroth's base in the Northern Crater
When: 4 days after Besaid Sands and Kadaj's arrival
Rating: PG-13ish

Why do you tremble so? Don't pretend you're scared. )
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Who:  Kefka, Laguna
What:  Kefka plays a midnight visit......RAPE!, after Kefka and Laguna's "date"
Where:  Laguna's room
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Who: Kefka and Laguna
Where:  Abandoned Alleyway in Balamb
When: Directly after their "date" in Let There Be Love
What:  Kefka has a new toy!
Rating:  PG-13......for now!

Read more... )
[identity profile] psychokefk.livejournal.com
Who:  Kefka, Xehanort and Sephrioth
Where:  Thunder Plains
When: After Reuninon of Darkness
Rating: TBA

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Who: Lynx and open to all...VILLAINS ONLY; no heroes or neutrals
What: Forming an alliance, making deals/plans, or even get to know one another
Where: Deep Sea Research Center
When: During the party by SeeD
Rating: T

Legion of Destruction )
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Vincent Valentine and OPEN -thread closed/complete-
What: People watching...for now
Where: A bar at the crossroads of the worlds
When: Late Afternoon/Early Evening
Rating: PG

Enter the bar at your own risk, stay as long as you like and engage a spooky ex-Turk and host to demons… )
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 Who: Glenn, Reno, open
What: Hunting the mark Overlord, practicing new technique
When: During the Halloween Party
Where: From the South Gate of Rabanastre, then Phon Coast, and finally Sochen Cave Palace for the hunt
Rating: T for possible blood and language

The Great Hunt: Overlord! )
[identity profile] esperprincess.livejournal.com
Who: Terra Branford, Crono (yes, that is an invitation :D), and whoever else decides to join in.
What & Where: Strolling and chatting through Rabanstre
Rating: G-PG depending on circumstances

Is it possible to exist in this city with no people? )


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