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Who: Mickey Mouse; King of the Heartless~!
What: Endgame.
Where: All of Gaia. Squall and Sora are personally invited to the otherwise inaccessible Kingdom Hearts.
When: Right the heck now~!
Interaction: EVERYONE!

Warnings: Come, all ye would-be heroes, but despair, for here be Dragons, and none shall escape their wrath.

The Endtimes are upon us, and the world quivers like a leaf on the wind. )

*Now is a pretty good time, if anyone wanted, to die. There are gazillions of Heartless rampaging at Mickey's command. Unless you're Balthier, Fran, Krja, their unborn son, Squall, or Sora, you're probably in terrible danger. Have fun and kill some Heartless, every little bit matters~!


Aug. 22nd, 2009 09:49 pm
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Who: Balthier, Squall, Fran and OPEN TO EVERYONE WHO CAN MAKE IT.
What: Squall's birthday party
Where: Balamb Town, hotel
When: Evening
Rating: TBA

It looked to be rather a memorable gathering. )
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Who: King Mickey and Sora
What: Discussing the world
Where: Balamb Dock
When: Early evening
Rating: PG

I was always what I was, pure and bright and untouched by the darkness within me. )
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Who: Squall, Mickey & Laguna
When: Day after the other visits.
Where: Balamb Garden
What: A slight scuffle
Rating: PG-13

The master and the slave playing happily together. )
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Who: Kairi and King Mickey Mouse
Where: Destiny Islands
When: During the day
warnings: Nothing but the evilness from King Mickey Mouse. But still TBA.

She couldn't believe how much she missed this. )
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Who: Balthier and King Mickey
What: Plans
Where: Balthier's Dreams
When: When Balthier sleeps
Rating: R for graphic imagery

In a sense, the salvation of the world, and all worlds, lies within, as does it's doom. )
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Who: Rinoa and King Mickey Mouse
What: Invading Rinoa's Heart
Where: Her dreams
When: Night time
Rating: PG-13

When the bough breaks, Squall's baby will fall, and down will come baby.. Garden and all. )
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Who: Balthier and King Mickey (With a surprise guest appearance)
What: The King has an offer
Where: The Strahl, in Balthier's dreams
When: During the night
Rating: R

But I am not a monster.. Am I, Balthier? )
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Who: Laguna, Open
What: Prepering for diplomatic meeting
Where: Presidental palace, Esthar.
When: Mid-day
Rating: none so far
Stand still godammit! )
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Who: The King of Heartless; Mickey Mouse, and Sora.
What: A chance encounter in the Hall of Passage.
When: Dunno? Nowish?
Where: The Hall of Passage! :O
Warnings: Emotions!

Shoot me again, I ain't dead yet! )
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Who: Mickey, King of Heartless.
What: Working on corrupting a certain brunette.
Where: Leon's Dreams.
When: Next time Leon sleeps.
Interaction: Leon, anyone capable of entering/viewing/tampering with Leon's dreams.
Warning: Evilness. And likely some manner of emotional/physical manipulation. Could be sexual tags here. Dunno how far evil Mick will go, but let's find out, hmm? >:3

I'm here now, where you can't avoid me. I can see through you, you know, and I know... I know what you want, even when you don't. )
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Who: King Mickey
What: Heartless Extermination
Where: Balamb Garden, Basement, Norg's Chamber
When: Now?
Interaction: Leon
Warnings: The usual

Sometimes things don't work the way you plan them. )
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Who: Squall, Open
When: Early afternoon.
Where: His office - Balamb Garden
What: Paperwork.
Rating: TBA.

His office – as one would expect – was spotless. )


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