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Who: Serge, Grobyc, Vanitas, Maria, Loz, Xion, and CLOSED
Where: Calm Lands
What: Battle Royal
When: during the villain event
Rating: PG-13 for blood, swearing, and death

"Your life shall come to an end...Once and for all!" )


May. 6th, 2010 07:27 pm
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 Who: Loz; open to villains who are invited by Sephiroth or Kadaj, or maybe Aerith who is imprisoned.
What: Finally home and wants answers on Mother...NOW!
Where: Sephiroth's Base
When: Afternoon
Rating: PG

You missed this lovable lug, didn't ya!? XD )
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Who: Xion, Loz
What: Killing monsters/fiends
Where: Mobliz, The Veldt
When: Late morning-noon
Rating: PG

Don't travel The Veldt without good transportation...and a good weapon. )
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Who: Sephiroth, Xion, and whichever villains want to pop in.
Where: Sephiroth's base in the Northern Crater
When: 4 days after Besaid Sands and Kadaj's arrival
Rating: PG-13ish

Why do you tremble so? Don't pretend you're scared. )
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Who: Xion, Loz
What: Getting away from everything
Where: Besaid Island
Rating: PG?

Zee sells sea shells by the sea shore. )
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 Who: Serge, Kid, Denzel (hopefully); OPEN
What: Setting up new home, discussing stuff...
Where: 7th Heaven in Edge
When: Morning after Tifa is abducted
Rating: PG

The drink near Kid’s side appeared tempting all of a sudden… )
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Who: Kid, Aqua, Terra, Glenn, Serge, Xion, and Loz
Where: Dollet
What: Reuniting with friends and fighting the hunt Arch Behemoth and Loz
When: After café meeting
Rating: T

(OOC: Busy with RL, so I may not be able to respond as much! Sorry!)

Heartless slaying time! )
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Who: Rufus and OPEN
What: Rummaging through remains
Where: Midgar, to be exact, ShinRa Building.
When: Mid-day.
WArnings: Cursing? No rating really.

One short day. )
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Who: Lynx and open to all...VILLAINS ONLY; no heroes or neutrals
What: Forming an alliance, making deals/plans, or even get to know one another
Where: Deep Sea Research Center
When: During the party by SeeD
Rating: T

Legion of Destruction )


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