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Who: Ventus and open
What: Curiosity/exploring the world...and crashing
Where: Balamb Garden
When: Around noon
Warnings: very confused and hungry keyblade wielder!

"Oww...." )
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Who:  Seifer, and whomever is in GARDEN at the moment.
What: Returning home.
When: Seifer: You really think I follow dates? I fish all day dammit.
Where:  GARDEN
Warnings: Foul mouth most likely-.

Seifer had stayed in Balamb the last few days, hesitating a bit to come back. Selphie had been nice enough, but could he wait the same treatment from the others? After all, Messenger girl had always been a bit daft in his mind. He sighed, staring over the water.
He had taken a boat two days ago, and over, seeing as he did not have any airships. He dunno why he really did it. He had just paid the captain, and hitched a ride, not really saying much.

So here he was, legs walking themselves up at the GARDEN, his caps pulled a bit down so that the shadows hid his face. No need for anyone to cause a ruckus just yet. Of course, he was not unarmed. No way he would be walking into trouble unarmed. Not that he could not fight otherwise, of course, but his very own Hyperion was the love of his life.
The blonde moved up the familiar steps towards the middle of it, where it was a 'crossroad' to the rest of the GARDEN. He wandered were Squall was. If he had to fight he sure as hell were gonna bring that princess down with him.  He turned, simply looking around, the sense of nostalgia hitting him. He missed this place. Fishing was nice, but he missed the excitement of this damn place.
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Who: Roxas, Rikku, Open
What: Odd jobs and who knows what else
When: Afternoon
Where: Balamb
Rating: PG

Munny, that's what I want. )
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Who: Rikku, Open
When: Afternoon
Where: Balamb
What: relaxing :D
Rating: PG13 (just to be safe)

The summer wind came blowing in, from across the sea )


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