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Who: Squall, [Open]
When: Morning
Where: Outside Balamb Town
What: Squall attempts to train a chocobo
Rating: PG-13ish

Apparently, chocobo training was harder than it looked )
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Who:  Seifer, and whomever is in GARDEN at the moment.
What: Returning home.
When: Seifer: You really think I follow dates? I fish all day dammit.
Where:  GARDEN
Warnings: Foul mouth most likely-.

Seifer had stayed in Balamb the last few days, hesitating a bit to come back. Selphie had been nice enough, but could he wait the same treatment from the others? After all, Messenger girl had always been a bit daft in his mind. He sighed, staring over the water.
He had taken a boat two days ago, and over, seeing as he did not have any airships. He dunno why he really did it. He had just paid the captain, and hitched a ride, not really saying much.

So here he was, legs walking themselves up at the GARDEN, his caps pulled a bit down so that the shadows hid his face. No need for anyone to cause a ruckus just yet. Of course, he was not unarmed. No way he would be walking into trouble unarmed. Not that he could not fight otherwise, of course, but his very own Hyperion was the love of his life.
The blonde moved up the familiar steps towards the middle of it, where it was a 'crossroad' to the rest of the GARDEN. He wandered were Squall was. If he had to fight he sure as hell were gonna bring that princess down with him.  He turned, simply looking around, the sense of nostalgia hitting him. He missed this place. Fishing was nice, but he missed the excitement of this damn place.
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Who: Squall, Selphie
What: Going on a mission
Where: The Paramina Rift
When: Afternoon
Rating: TBA

It was supposed to be a routine mission. )


Apr. 10th, 2010 12:21 am
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Who: Quistis Trepe innit.
Where: Balamb, in a lovely cafe.
What: She has a lot of work to do.
Open to everyone ever. Quistis is a Good Secretary Too )
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Who: Open to all
When: 3rd-5th April
Where: Luca
What: Festival of Fertility – The celebration of Ylva and Lothcar the Goddess and God of Lust.
Rating: TBA

Read more... )

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Who: Cloud & Squall
When: Late afternoon
Where: Balamb Garden
What: Talking
Rating: PG

Okay, last package. )
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Who: Laguna Loire, Open
Where: Balamb garden
What: Vacation time
When: Mid day
Rating: pg 13

A song )
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Who: Squall, Open to all
When: Evening
Where: Balamb Garden
What: Garden Festival & Ball
Rating: TBA

All in all it looked set to be a good night. )

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Who: Squall, [open]
When: Afternoon
Where: Costa Del Sol
What: Clearing out some monsters
Rating: TBA

Things had been quiet as of late. )
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Who: Squall, Open to all
When: Evening
Where: Balamb Garden
What: Yuletide Celebration Ball
Rating: PG-13

Squall had been busy for weeks pulling the Yuletide Festivities together. )
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Who: Squall & Balthier
When: Morning
Where: The Strahl, Rabanastre
What: Visiting and talking
Rating: PG-13

Squall was battered and bruised, cut up and exhausted. )
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Who: Squall
When: Over the course of a day
Where: Island Closest to Hell
What: Taking on a hunt
Rating: PG-13

It was a test and a challenge to himself more than anything )
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Who: Squall and Balthier
What: Making up for real
Where: Mount Gagazet
When: Late morning
Rating: R

I hear the Ronso have a fetish for pale little Hume boys. )
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What: Halloween Party
Where: Rabanastre, in Ivalice.
When: Nightfall, October 31st
Rating: Horrors unfold, expect the worst.

NOTE: Everyone has the opportunity to attend. The Queen of Dalmasca has paid for airships to bring people for free.

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Who: Balthier and Squall
What: Fighting and kind of making up
Where: Nibelheim and Balamb
When: Afternoon
Rating: R

You've quite forgotten my role, haven't you? )
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Who: Balthier and Squall
What: The end?
Where: Balamb
When: Afternoon
Rating: G

Then you've got your man, hm? )


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