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Who: Open to everyone.
When: May 14th - Evening
Where: Lindblum Grand Caste
What: Drinks and buffet for all.
Rating: TBA

Already it’s that time of year again! )

[ Here is the thread for the party the night before the Hunt. Party style tagging – hop in and out of threads, start your own, mingle and have fun.

Villians are welcome, but best behaviour please? There will be plenty of chances for you to damage the world, so keep the destruction out tonight. ]
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Who: Terra, Setzer
What: Exploring! the airship
Where: the Blackjack
When: Afternoon
Rating: TBA

That song's an earworm )
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Who: Setzer, Maria, Terra
What: Drinking! and talking
Where: On the Blackjack
When: After the Luca festival
Rating: PG for mild references and Edgar being called a manwhore

I'm on an airship! )
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Who:  Firion, Terra, Sazh, Open
What:  Searching for Survivors
Where: The Opera House
When:  Late Evening
Rating: PG-13 (Subject to Change

Read more... )

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Who:  Firion, Terra
What:  Investigating the ruins of Fynn, and more
When:  Two days after their meeting
Where:  the Ruins of Fynn
Rating:  PG-13

Read more... )

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Who:  Firion, Locke, Terra, Terra B, Aqua
What:  Recruting for a mission
Where: Balamb Gardeb
When:  A Week after the fall of Fynn, a day after Locke met Rikku and Krile
Rating: PG-13

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Who: Terra Branford, open to all
What: Buying magic, gaining info about Heartless and Princess Hilda and her Wild Rose Rebellion
Where: Mysidia, to the far south of Altair
Rating: PG

To find Princess Hilda )
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Who: Squall, [open]
When: Afternoon
Where: Costa Del Sol
What: Clearing out some monsters
Rating: TBA

Things had been quiet as of late. )
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Who: Crono Zephyr, and anyone else who feels like dropping in.
What: Wandering through, and re-supplying for his next adventure.
When: Later in the evening. (After the Terra x Aerith thing, for the sake of continuity.)
Where: Midgar's slums (The place he's most familiar with.)
Rating: Normal for now, will update as progress is made.
Here I am, on the road again. ) 
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Who: Terra Branford, Crono (yes, that is an invitation :D), and whoever else decides to join in.
What & Where: Strolling and chatting through Rabanstre
Rating: G-PG depending on circumstances

Is it possible to exist in this city with no people? )
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Who: Sephiroth -&- [YOUR NAME HERE!!!]
What: Wandering the streets looking for 'entertainment'
Where: Rabanastre
When: Early Evening
Warnings: It's Sephy-pants so ... language and ego ahoy!

he wanted to feel more ... to get his heart racing... )

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Who: Terra Branford, and anyone else she comes across
What: The half-esper arrives in Midgar
When: Today :D
Where: Midgar's slums
Rating: G

I never thought there were other cities like this. )


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