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Who: Celes
What: Answering a letter
When: Evening
Where: The Opera House
Interactions: Open
Warnings: hah, like I would give you a warning >D

The bird you thought you had caught beat its wings and flew away ... )
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Who: Rachel
What: On a quest for Zacks Memories? >D
When: After the AIM log
Interactions: Zack, Open
Warnings: Zack's got no memories, (and he's wearing some of Lockes old clothes from Rachels house >D)

Do I have to change my name, move to another town, start all over again? )
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Who: Rachel and Zack
What: Digging in a cave and being trapped in said cave
When: After Rachels last post
Where: Near Kohlingen
Warnings: Prolonged nudity and general embarrassment.

That's some treasure you've go there! )
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Who: Zack, Lightning, Xaon and Kiri
What: Arguing
Where: The Binah
When: Evening
Rating: PG-13

NOTE: This is incomplete. I will post the rest ASAP.

Get the hell away from me. )
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Who: Lightning, Zack and Angeal
What: Against the fal'Cie
Where: Cocoon and the Binah
When: Afternoon onwards
Rating: R

You're not dead yet, pup. )
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Who: Zack, Ashe and Lightning
What: Talking
Where: Rabanastre
When: Morning
Rating: PG for Lightning's mouth.

You know what Snow is? A jerk! )
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Who: Zack, Rasler and Lightning
What: Making a deal and fighting Fury
Where: The slowly rebuilding Nabudis
When: Late afternoon/Evening
Rating: R

Yeah, well, every legend has a kernel of truth.. )
[identity profile] frozenlightning.livejournal.com
Who: Zack and Lightning
What: Fighting a fiend and making some promises
Where: Nibelheim and the Binah
When: The course of a day
Rating: PG-13

Never say good bye, just seeya later, right? )
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Who: Zack, Lightning, Angeal and Lightning's family
What: Lightning is hit with the hard truth
Where: Cocoon and the Binah
When: Through a day
Rating: PG-13

Ready to go, Lightnin'? )
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Who: Zack and Lightning (with a very brief appearance from Angeal.)
What: Well... sex. As usual. ^_^;
Where: Rabanastre... and again on the Binah. >.>;
When: Through a morning onwards?
Rating: NC-17, of course.

Making the most of an opportunity, cutting loose and takin' my Lightnin' with me. )
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Who: Zack, Lightning and a ghost from the past
What: Zack and Lightning have a hunt to do, a baby is born and a ghost returns
Where: Rabanastre, the Binah, Modeoheim
When: Through an afternoon until night
Rating: NC-17

Moppets like you? I'm sure you'll manage... )
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Who: Lightning, Zack, Hope, Snow and Ashe
What: Finding Hope and dragging up the past
Where: Midgar, the Binah and Rabanastre
When: Course of a day
Rating: PG-13

Sereh Farron is not just another on the list, you know that! )
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Who: Mickey Mouse; King of the Heartless~!
What: Endgame.
Where: All of Gaia. Squall and Sora are personally invited to the otherwise inaccessible Kingdom Hearts.
When: Right the heck now~!
Interaction: EVERYONE!

Warnings: Come, all ye would-be heroes, but despair, for here be Dragons, and none shall escape their wrath.

The Endtimes are upon us, and the world quivers like a leaf on the wind. )

*Now is a pretty good time, if anyone wanted, to die. There are gazillions of Heartless rampaging at Mickey's command. Unless you're Balthier, Fran, Krja, their unborn son, Squall, or Sora, you're probably in terrible danger. Have fun and kill some Heartless, every little bit matters~!
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Who: Zack, Lightning, Xaon, Kiri, Vaan, Zack's parents.
What: A hunt and a swinger's night.
Where: The Binah, Rabanastre, Gongaga.
When: The course of a day.
Rating: NC-17 (Inter-species sex. It's cute, but it might not be everyone's cup of tea. :3)

I'm not ready to be a dad. I'm no good with pups... )
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Who: Ashe, Zack, Lightning's parents, Cocoon soldiers, Snow and Lightning
What: Saving the l'Cie
Where: The Binah, Cocoon, Pulse
When: Through a day
Rating: R for violence

It's because of that, the way Cocoon smothers the people, that Snow and Lightnin' fight. I think. )
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Who: Ashe, Snow, Zack and Lightning
What: The l'Cie are in a bind
Where: Rabanastre, Giza Plains and the Binah
When: Morning
Rating: PG-13

I don't really like you, and you don't like -me-, but.. )
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Who: Zack, Lightning and a wise old man
What: Something happens to Zack
Where: The Binah, Wutai and Mideel
When: The course of a day
Rating: NC-17

Let me guess; this had never happened before either? )
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Who:  Larsa and Anyone.
What:  Attacking Rabanstre.  Maybe something else
Where:  Rabanastre?
When: Around sunset.
Why:  Couldn't do so at the ball.

[Just an FYI.  if never got posted, but Larsa lost his heart, stolen by Vayne when he wasa heartless. ]

Don't follow me home. )
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Who: Zack, Sephiroth and Lightning
What: Aftershocks
Where: Rabanastre, the Binah
When: After the ball
Rating: TBA

Crazy night, huh, guys? )
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Who: Ashe and OPEN TO ALL
What: A Royal Ball
Where: Royal Palace, Rabanastre, Ivalice
When: Evening onwards
Rating: TBA

It would be a night to remember. )


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