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Who: Organization XIII; Possibly a certain blonde loli Nobody?
Where: The World that Never Was
When: After a few solid months of intelligence gathering.
What: Sharing information.
Rating: TBD

We are the Nobodies, wanna be somebodies... )

Reach Out

Jun. 7th, 2010 08:15 pm
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Who: Xion
What: A moody girl does not do well under confrontation of any sort.
When: After Xion returns from Rabanastre
Where: Her room
Interaction: Zexion
Rating: TBA

Am I to spend eternity thinking on this? )
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Who: Organization XIII; Naminé
What: The Organization is finally reunited... along with their new pet.
Where: Castle Oblivion
When: Now.
Warnings: TBA

You're one of us. You're one of us. )
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Who: Xion, Zexion
What: Just a talk
Where: Zexion's study in the lodge
When: After this thread.
Rating: G

"Be my heart a well of love," )
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Who: Naminé, Xion, Zexion, Xigbar, Lexaeus
What: Relaxing?
Where: the Calm Lands Travel Lodge
When: After things got hairy at the festival
Rating: G

RnR Time )
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Who: Open to all
When: 3rd-5th April
Where: Luca
What: Festival of Fertility – The celebration of Ylva and Lothcar the Goddess and God of Lust.
Rating: TBA

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Who: Sora, Open
What: Getting readjusted
Where: Destiny Island
When: Noon
Rating: PG

Oh, my life is changing every day. In every possible way. )
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Who: Xion, Zexion
What: Leaving the Veldt
Where: The Veldt, Calm Lands travel Lodge
When: A little while after this post.
Rating: G

"Get along just fine? I wonder if that's true." )
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Who: Axel, open
What: checking out Garden
Where: Training center
When: Mid-afternoon
Rating: R violence
Dude! That was SO not smart! )

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Who: Zexion and Naminé
When: Immediately after Naminé's distress call.
Where: Remiem Temple, isolated area
What: Zexion saves Naminé from Heartless; questions how they could have found her.
Rating: PG-13 for mild violence.

Why... I thought they weren't supposed to be here... )
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Who: Larxene and Zexion
What: Discussing Summons XD
Where: Remiem Temple
When: Around noonish?
Rating: None, she behaved herself!

This fayth thing... )
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Who: Zexion, Saïx, Larxene
What: Larxene wakes everyone up at three in the morning to complain about their new home.
Where: Remiem Temple
When: Three in the freakin' morning.
Rating: PG-13

This place is filthy, isn't there anywhere else we can go!? )
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Who: Zexion, Saïx
What: The Nobodies move into their new home, and Saïx makes a ruling on the Sora situation.
Where: Remiem Temple
When: Before this, but after this.
Rating: PG

Nothingness has always kept the balance between Darkness and Light, and keeping this world balanced if nothing else matters to him. )
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Who: Zexion, Solo Log
When: During this.
Where: Remiem Temple, Spira
What: Securing a Permanent Location for the Organization in Gaia.
Rating: PG-13 for Violence

Find Saïx. Lead him here... tell him that we finally have a base of operations. )
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WHO: Zexion and Saïx
WHAT: The Cavalry Arrives
WHEN: Noon-ish
WHERE: Small Nobody camp on Cactuar Island
WARNINGS: Nothing. Rated PG only because it involves Saïx.

I'm sure the Superior would rather there be a dead Keyblade Master than a useless one. )
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Who: Sora, Namine and Zexion
What: Talking, playing Hide and Seek... o.o
Where: Balamb Garden
When: The next day
Rating: PG

Don't peek, Sora. Or you have to recount again... )
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Who: Sora and Zexion
What: Talking
Where: Garden
When: A little after Squall fixed Sora up
Rating: PG-13

Really, Sora, must everything begin and end in hostilities? )
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Who: Open to ALL
When: Valentine's Day
Where: The Gold Saucer
What: Celebrations and mingling opportunities
Rating: TBA

Valentine's fun for all... OPEN )
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Who: Zexion and... Vayne?!
What: Vayne's Rebirth
Where: Dalmasca
When: Morning?
Rating: PG


...you will have a creation that will put the Bahamut to shame. )


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