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Who: Glenn, Garnet
What: Revelation
When: Sometime after this thread.
Where: Glenn's airship
Rating: G

Goodbye is never easy, but hello is always hard. )


Jun. 12th, 2010 06:23 pm
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Who: Dagger, Glenn
What: Relaxing on the airship
Where: On the Sky Warrior
When: Late afternoon/early evening
Rating: G

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 Who: Glenn and Garnet/Dagger
What: Checking out new airship and planning
Where: Edge
When: the morning after Shadow and Locke entered the bar
Rating: G

"This is it..." )
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Who: Shadow, Open
What: Following up leads on info about the Heartless
When: Late afternoon
Where: Edge, 7th Heaven
Rating: PG

But I kind of like the music~ )
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Who: Kadaj, Open
What: Just messing around
When: Late Afternoon
Where: Midgar
Rating: PG-13

Mufufu )
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Who: Garnet Dagger, Glenn
What: Talking
Where: Balamb
When: Night, during or right after "Let There Be Love"
Rating: G?

I need tea, and quickly )
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Who: Schala, Open
When: About Noon
Where: Balamb
What: tripping...falling...
Rating: PG13 (just to be safe)

The sun is so bright, it hardly seems like a real place anymore. )
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Who: Sephiroth, Glenn?
What: Killing Manikins
Where: Calm Lands
Rating: PGish
Why is it so refreshing to kill imitations of life? )
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Who: Kid, Aqua, Terra, Glenn, Serge, Xion, and Loz
Where: Dollet
What: Reuniting with friends and fighting the hunt Arch Behemoth and Loz
When: After café meeting
Rating: T

(OOC: Busy with RL, so I may not be able to respond as much! Sorry!)

Heartless slaying time! )
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Who: Squall, Open to all
When: Evening
Where: Balamb Garden
What: Yuletide Celebration Ball
Rating: PG-13

Squall had been busy for weeks pulling the Yuletide Festivities together. )
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Who: Kid, Serge, and Glenn
When: Afternoon
Where: Edge, 7th Heaven
What: Heading to Costa Del Sol...or not
Rating: PG

No fun in sun? )


Nov. 22nd, 2009 09:14 am
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Who: Serge, Kid, and Glenn
When: A week after the Arch Behemoth Hunt
Where: Rooftop of Edge
What: Training in magic...and failing
Rating: PG


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Who: Garland, Serge, Kid and Glenn (Open to one or two others)
When: A week after the Overlord Incident/Halloween Party
Where: Rabanastre, onto an Airship, landing in Dollet
What: Taking on a hunt
Rating: T+

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Who: Luxord, Open
What: Getting a drink, and checking out a target
Where: Edge, 7th Heaven Bar
When: Mid-Day, after the Halloween Party
Rating: PG,

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 Who: Glenn, Reno, open
What: Hunting the mark Overlord, practicing new technique
When: During the Halloween Party
Where: From the South Gate of Rabanastre, then Phon Coast, and finally Sochen Cave Palace for the hunt
Rating: T for possible blood and language

The Great Hunt: Overlord! )
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 Who: Serge, Kid, Glenn
What and Where: Serge and Glenn get a rude welcome outside the city of Edge
Rating: T
When: A week before the Halloween event
(OOC: Finally done. I promise to avoid delays and plan ahead in the future.)




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